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I want to collaborate

Good to hear that, we welcome you to this space. Hope you feel confortable and eager to share with us all your knowledge and experience. We are sure it will be also a good place for you to learn from the others.

Writing in a wiki is not difficult but you should follow some rules. Have in mind that this is a shared space, without some common rules it would be quite difficult to share our knowledge.

After registering, we will send you some information about how to write (in process)

Any doubt, question, or request about the wiki: if you want to know more about the EduEval project, send your mail to:

Why I have to register ?

Only registered and approved users can write in the wiki. The reason of this is because it is becoming more and more common that spammers use open shared spaces to put publicity or not so legal content. Because of that, this is a moderated wiki, although everybody can write after we revise your membership requests (wait 1-2 days to get your registration approved).

We also have a mail-list

As a member of the wiki, you will be also subscribed to the mail-list:

You can always unsubscribe to his mail-list and remove your membership to the wiki, read the "Policy statement" available in the main page of the wiki:


Clic on following link to fill a form and request your membership:

Registration Form

And now ?

In 1-2 days you will receive a mail with the username and password (you will have to change that password as soon as you login). After that you will be able to write. If you do not have experience in writing in Wikis' try to search in Google "Mediawiki manual" or "Mediawiki tutorial" you will sure find a lot of information in your own language.

We have a playing area (at the bottom of the page) where everybody can try and test without being afraid of erasing data.

Hope you enjoy participating